The Innovative International School is managed by Shri Balmukund Education Trust, Rajkot. The trustees are a team of dedicated individuals who came together to make Innovative School in Rajkot in 2007, which has English and Gujarati Medium Schools functioning in a 45000 sq. ft premises in the centrally Located University Road Area.

The schools currently employ more than 150 Employees and more than 2000 Students. The school proudly provides quality education at affordable fees since the past 11 years. With the changing times and with the demand of CBSE Schools on the rise, the Organization was quick to adapt and came up with a new School on the Outskirts of Rajkot.

Shri Labhubhai Khimaniya and Mayurbhai Khimaniya

  • Shri Labhubhai Khimaniya is a Former Chairman of the Education Committee in Rajkot Municipal Corporation.
  • An eminent Real Estate Developer in Rajkot was in Charge of running 94 Municipal Schools in Rajkot City.
  • As Chairman of the Committee, Shri Labhubhai constructed 4 new schools and repaired and renovated all municipal schools in Rajkot.
  • He also was instrumental in unearthing of rampant corruption in the mid-day meal program, and ensured that all the students get sumptuous meals in schools by creating a fool-proof system for the delivery of Quality Mid-Day Meals in the Government Schools.
  • Shri Mayurbhai Khimaniya - is the son of Shri Labhubhai Khimaniya is a strict disciplinarian and an able administrator.
  • He is currently Serving as Trustee of Shri PD Malaviya College Campus having more than 2500+ students across various Disciplines.

Shri Dilipbhai Sinhar, Dr. Vivek Sinhar

  • Shri Dilipbhai Sinhar is The Son of 2 Government School Principals, the youngest amongst 6 siblings
  • Did his B.A. from Bombay University in 1975 followed by a B.Ed. from Borsad, came to Rajkot with a Bicycle in 1983. and landed a Government Job as an Asst. Teacher of English
  • Donated the entire amount received as pension after the demise of his Mother to build a school in their native Upleta and donated it to the municipality
  • Took a Personal Loan to finance and assumed the responsibility of being a Trustee of Shri Rannchhoddasji Maharaj Cultural and Educational Trust that managed the Parimal School in Rajkot in 1988 making them one of the first Un-Aided / Self Financed Schools in Rajkot.
  • His wife, Sunitaben Sinhar became the Principal of the School and the duo Turned around the Ailing School within a couple of years.
  • The Journey carried on and Sinhar Sir, has founded more than 7 educational Institutions with a Family comprising of More than 7000 Students and more than 300 employees.
  • Almost all the institutions provide affordable education to the middle and lower middle class, as the average fee structure of the schools is less than 13000 per annum.
  • A total of more than 20000+ students have studied and the foundation boasts of more than 300 Doctors, 1000+ engineers.
  • Sinhar High School is probably the only school in Rajkot that has secured a position in the Top Ten Students of the Board / Rajkot District, every year since inception in 2000, since the past 17 years.
  • Dr. Vivek Sinhar is the son of Shri Dilipbhai Sinhar.
  • After completing MBBS and practicing at Sterling Hospital, Rajkot. Dr. Vivek found his true calling in the field of Education and joined the group of schools in 2011.
  • Established Edvantage Solutions in 2015, a software solutions providing firm and developed an advanced School management ERP solution as well as a mobile app.
  • Established Innovative Kids in 2016, Innovative kids is a pre-school Franchise having achieved 300+ students across 5 centers in and around Rajkot.

Shri Darshitbhai Jani and Nirenbhai Jani

  • A family that was born and brought up in a school.
  • Their Great Grandfather Established a school called Shri Mahalaxmi Vidhyalay in 1953
  • Their Grandfather established Shri Murlidhar School on Palace Road
  • Their Father Shri Kanubhai Jani started and was running the High School division in Murlidhar School in 1983. Their mother Shri Pravinaben Jani also works as Principal in the school. After the untimely demise of their father, Nirenbhai and Darshitbhai Jani took the mantle of the management of the School in their hands.
  • They started the Self Financed division of Murlidhar Schools and currently have more than 5500 students and 300+ employees.
  • Shri Darshitbhai Jani takes active participation in various Social Activities and manages Shri Murlidhar Education Campus.
  • Nirenbhai Jani currently manages Innovative School City Campus.